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Topic Speakers - 2023 Taiwan AI Academy Conf

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  • Academia Sinica Service...

    Lun-Wei Ku
    Academia Sinica

    received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2009. She joined the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica as an assistant research fellow in Aug., 2012, and was promoted to be an associate research fellow in Aug., 2018.

    Her research expertise lies in natural language processing and information retrieval, especially in sentiment analysis and opinion mining. She often publishes papers in top conferences including ACL, AAAI, SIGIR, WWW, NAACL, and EMNLP. She is very active in the research community, and the international professional activities she involves include the general chair and the program chair of StarSem 2021, StarSem 2019 and AIRS 2019, and the area chair of ACL, NjAACL 2021, ACL, EMNLP, COLING 2020, EMNLP 2019, ACL 2017, CCL 2016, NLPCC 2016, ACL-IJCNLP and EMNLP 2015. Her research is internationally recognized and has been served as the AFNLP Member-at-Large and ACL SIGHAN Asia Information Officer.

    She is very experienced in academic and industrial collaborations. Her research collaborators come from US, Singapore, Sweden and Israel, and she is currently working with data companies and banks. Her current research topics focus on recommendation, visual storytelling, sensational text generation, fake news intervention, knowledge-based question answering, lie detection and social media analysis.

    ``🌟 古倫維`` Lun-Wei Ku````Institute of Information Science, Research Fellow``Academia Sinica Service LLM Wisdom: Knowing What it Actually Don't Know``Academia Sinica``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:00-14:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Generative AI on Intel®...

    Amy Hu
    美商英特爾公司 DCAI 部門, Habana Labs 台灣區總經理, 負責製造及支援平台的客戶。 ``🌟 胡瑛敏``Amy Hu````Taiwan Site Manager, Habana Labs``Generative AI on Intel® architecture``Intel``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • 寓兵於農:百工百業加速 AI 化的策略

    Benjamin Kuo
    Taiwan AI Academy

    Benjamin Kuo is currently the Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration and has over 25 years of industry experience and consulting expertise. He focuses on building an AI-centric innovation ecosystem that connects and synergizes industry, venture capital, academia, and research institute. He aims to advance Taiwan’s AI excellence and accelerate the development and strength of Taiwan’s industries with AI.

    Benjamin was a Senior Director at KPMG Taiwan, and leading the smart manufacturing team, serving many medium and large customers, and long-term involvement in the three major markets of industrial industry, family business management, and start-up & innovation services.

    Benjamin is also a Ph.D candidate in the Interdisciplinary International Doctoral Program at National Tsing Hua University. He already holds dual master’s degrees in materials science and technology innovation management.

    郭秉宸現為台灣人工智慧學校產學長,並且為清華大學跨域國際博士學程博士候選人,擁有材料科學與科技管理雙碩士,25 年以上的產業經驗與管顧專長。 聚焦於建構以 AI 為中心的產學研創生態系,鏈結能量並且促動產生綜效,推進台灣 AI 的卓越進展,讓台灣的產業因為有 AI 而加速發展並且強大。

    曾任:KPMG 臺灣所顧問部 企業績效與創新科技協理,長期投入在工業產業、家族事業經營、新創與創新服務三大市場。 工研院企劃與研發處專案副組長,擔任院長室高級幕僚 新創企業經營企劃經理

    專長:產業 AI 化策略與行動方案擬定、智慧製造、項目組合管理 (Portfolio management)、產品開發管理 (Product development management)、企業營運管理 (Business operation)、企業對企業行銷與商機開發 (B2B marketing & BD)、建立企業生態系與策略聯盟 (Ecosystem & Strategic alliance)、新事業發展、經營管理策略制定、智慧製造策略架構、數位決策分析與管理、企業營運模式校準、企業二代傳承接班。

    ``🌟 郭秉宸``Benjamin Kuo ````Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration``寓兵於農:百工百業加速 AI 化的策略``Taiwan AI Academy``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 17:20-17:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Green Technologies Embe...

    Brian Lee
    Dell Technologies

    I am currently employed at Dell Technologies in Taiwan with over 25 years of IT experience. My technical expertise particularly focuses on:

    • Building private clouds and integrating public clouds to implement optimal multi-cloud strategies.
    • Integrating the GenAI framework into big data platforms, establishing a solid foundation for intelligent transformation.
    • Planning IT architectures to mitigate geopolitical risks.
    • Utilizing Green Data Center technologies to enhance the ESG journey.
    ``🌟 李百飛``Brian Lee````Technical VP``Green Technologies Embedded for Big Data + GenAI Platform``Dell Technologies ``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:00-14:30 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Building Trustworthy Di...

    Chia-Kai Liu
    DSP, Inc.
    Chia-Kai Liu is the CEO of DSP, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in leveraging artificial intelligence to transform business and public sector operations. He is also the co-founder of Data for Social Good, a philanthropic platform fostering collaboration among governmental bodies, non-profits, and data experts to accelerate social innovation. Mr. Liu is a strong advocate for data-driven decision-making, advancing the cause of sustainable development objectives.``🌟 劉嘉凱``Chia-Kai Liu````CEO``Building Trustworthy Digital Twins of Organizations: A Process-Oriented Experiment``DSP, Inc.``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 14:00-14:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Memory-Centric Computin...

    Chia-Lin Yang
    National Taiwan University (NTU)
    Chia-Lin Yang received the Ph.D. degree from Duke University in 2001. Dr. Yang joined the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at NTU (National Taiwan University) in 2001. She joined the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University at 2001. She is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Office of Science and Technology Policy at NSTC (National Science and Technology Policy). She was the Director of the Delta-NTU Joint Research Center at NTU from 2020 to 2023 and the Director of Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia at NTU from 2016 to 2019. Dr. Yang’s research focus is in the area of the system-level design methodology and computer architecture, with emphasis on the low-power system and memory hierarchy/SSD storage. Dr. Yang is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Computer Architecture Letters, and the Program Co-chair for DAC 2024. ``🌟 楊佳玲``Chia-Lin Yang````Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Professor``Memory-Centric Computing in AI Era``National Taiwan University (NTU)``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:00-11:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Designing Industry-Lead...

    Chia-Ming Hung
    Chia-Ming Hung is Research and Development Manager at NEUCHIPS, with responsibilities encompassing the guidance of SoC platform and AI chip architecture design. With an extensive background spanning around 15 years in the IC design industry and considerable experience in chip tape-outs, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His academic journey led him to graduate from the Master's program in the Department of Computer Science at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.``🌟 洪嘉明``Chia-Ming Hung````R&D department, Manager``Designing Industry-Leading Energy-Efficient AI Chips``NEUCHIPS``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:30-17:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Forms, Substances, and ...

    Ching-Fu Lin
    National Tsing Hua University

    Ching-Fu Lin is Professor at Institute of Law for Science and Technology and Director of Interdisciplinary Program of Mangement and Technology, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), where he teaches international law and global governance, law and technology, and artificial intelligence law and policy. Professor Lin received his LL.M. and S.J.D. from Harvard Law School, with the honor of John Gallup Laylin Memorial Prize and Yong K. Kim Memorial Prize.

    He also holds a double degree in law (LL.B.) and chemical engineering (B.S.) from National Taiwan University. Professor Lin has served as Visiting Researcher at Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, Visiting Scholar at the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation at UNSW Sydney, as well as Visiting Fellow at Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. In 2019, Professor Lin was appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Academy of Food Law and Policy, United States. In 2023, he was elected to serve as Vice Chair of the International Law and Technology Interest Group (ILTechIG) of the American Society of International Law.

    Active in legal academia, Professor Lin has been invited to talk in many academic/practical settings, and his legal scholarship has appeared in leading journals and edited collections. Professor Lin has received the Junior Research Award, Outstanding Research Award of Hou De Association, and CTM Research Award from NTHU as well as the Ta-You Memorial Award from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

    ``🌟 林勤富``Ching-Fu Lin````Professor, Institute of Law for Science and Technology``Forms, Substances, and Challenges of the Transparency Principle in Algorithmic Governance ``National Tsing Hua University``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 13:30-14:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • Generative AI: Challeng...

    Chun-Ying Huang
    National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
    Dr. Chun-Ying Huang is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). Dr. Huang's research interests fall in the areas of system security and multimedia networking. He also served as PIs or co-PIs of several teaching, research, and industrial projects in network and system security areas, including the information security incubation program (ISIP and AIS3) from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Taiwan information security center program (TWISC) at NYCU from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Dr. Huang received ACM Taipei/Taiwan Chapter K. T. Li Young Researcher Award in 2014, MOST Excellent Young Scholar Grants in 2021, and NCTU/NYCU excellent teaching awards in 2020 and 2021. He currently serves as the Director of the Institute of Network Engineering at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.``🌟 黃俊穎``Chun-Ying Huang````Institute of Network Engineering / Director``Generative AI: Challenges and Opportunities for System Security``National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 14:00-14:30 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Generative AI on Intel®...

    Chungyeh Wang
    美商英特爾公司平台研發協理,負責 Intel Edge AI 平台的客戶以及生態系統開發。擔任過台灣人工智慧學校經理人班,技術領袖班與 Edge AI 專班以及大專院校的深度學習課程業師,具有豐富的產業經驗。``🌟 王宗業``Chungyeh Wang````Platform Software Architect``Generative AI on Intel® architecture``Intel``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Case Studies of Applyin...

    Da-shan Shiu
    MediaTek Research
    Dr. Da-shan Shiu is currently the Managing Director of MediaTek Research. Prior to this, he co-founded Mobilepeak Systems and served as its Chief Technology Officer. He was also an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Graduate School of Communications Engineering of National Taiwan University, as well as leading the Cellular modem algorithm development of Qualcomm in San Jose. He holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. His research interests lie in fundamental communication and computational theory. He applies theoretical principles to practical applications, such as cellular communications, virtual and augmented reality, foundation model-driven autonomous agents, and machine learning for electronic design automation (EDA).``🌟 許大山``Da-shan Shiu````Managing Director``Case Studies of Applying Generative AI Concepts to Low Resource Domains``MediaTek Research``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 15:30-16:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • NVIDIA Grace Hopper Sup...

    Eric Kang
    Eric Kang leading the Solutions Architect team in NVIDIA, working with customers and partners to deliver the world's best solutions for artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning, professional visualization, and high-performance computing. Specializing in NVIDIA's advanced solutions architecture planning, he has in-depth research on high-performance computing and deep learning computing architecture and participates in relevant important projects architecture planning. Prior to joining NVIDIA, he served in HP Enterprise and as solutions consultant lead for data center transformation practice. Experience including high-performance computing, advanced data center planning, private cloud and public cloud management solutions, data center management automation.``🌟 康勝閔``Eric Kang````Senior Manger, Solution Architect ``NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip Architecture In-Depth``NVIDIA``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 15:30-16:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • The Evolution of AI in ...

    Erick Chao
    Cadence Design Systems
    With 23 years of extensive experience in IC design, implementation, and EDA development, I have a profound understanding of user requirements and software development in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). My journey in AI/ML began with graduation from the 1st Hsinchu manager class at Taiwan AI Academy (AIA). At the same time, I assumed a role as a ML architect within a top number 1 IC fabless company in Taiwan. Transitioning to Cadence Design Systems, I took the role of leading RD team in both Hsinchu and Shanghai. My perspective is all-encompassing, spanning from that of an adept end-user to that of a contributor to EDA solution development empowered by AI/ML technologies. At present, I am entrusted with the leadership of one of Cerebrus RD teams, a division responsible for the AI-driven production within Cadence Design Systems.``🌟 趙佑錫``Erick Chao````Sr Software Architect ``The Evolution of AI in Chip Design``Cadence Design Systems``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:00-11:30 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • The Rise of AI Agents: ...

    Ernie Ho
    HelperAI & Chainsight

    Ernie Ho, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and MIT, is the co-founder and CEO of HelperAI & Chainsight, with a focus on AI applications and innovation. He formerly worked as an AI engineer at Uber’s Self-Driving Center. In 2020, he cofounded Chainsight, an AI-powered platform for blockchain transaction risk analysis, which has been recognized by G20, BIS, governments of US-Japan-Singapore, and Trend Micro. In 2022, he established HelperAI, creating AI agents for major corporations - an 24/7 virtual team that automates customer service and sales processes to boost business productivity. His firm has been invested by Y Combinator, Franklin Templeton, and Samsung.

    何建幟(Ernie Ho),美國卡內基美隆大學及麻省理工學院校友,HelperAI & Chainsight 共同創辦人兼 CEO,專注於 AI 應用與創新,曾任職 Uber 自動駕駛中心。2020 年成立 Chainsight,利用 AI 模型打造區塊鏈交易風險分析平台,榮獲 G20、國際清算銀行、美日星政府與趨勢科技等認證。2022 年成立 HelperAI,為多家大型企業打造 AI 代理人 - 全年無休的虛擬團隊,自動化客服與銷售流程,加速提升企業生產力,目前已獲矽谷頂尖加速器 Y Combinator、美國富蘭克林、三星集團等國際知名機構投資。

    ``🌟 何建幟``Ernie Ho````Cofounder & CEO``The Rise of AI Agents: A Virtual Workforce Available 24/7``HelperAI & Chainsight``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:30-12:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • The Current State and F...

    Friedman Wang
    Data Intelligence R&D Division
    中信金控數據暨科技研發處處長,負責集團數據規劃與 AI 科技研發業務,研發成果於外部得到美國 NIST 機構與國際各大學術機構認證具備領先性與創新性,其整合科技落地金融應用的商轉業務模式也屢得 Gartner、IDC 與 WCIT 等全球創新獎項肯定。內部以 +AI 與 AI+ 之雙策略基調,廣泛落地於金控內各個金融場景,涵蓋個人金融業務、法人金融業務、人壽業務、風險管理業務與 HR 業務等。``🌟 王俊權``Friedman Wang````Executive Vice President``The Current State and Future Prospects of AI-Enabled Financial Services``Data Intelligence R&D Division``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:00-16:30 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • Creativity with Generat...

    Hao-Hsiu Chiu
    Tunghai Uiversity

    Specializes in contemporary architectural criticism, parametric design and digital construction, hybrid (virtual-real) integrated space design, and smart design in sustainability. Academic research and design practice have been committed to exploring how the continuous evolution of contemporary digital and smart technology can affect global and local social culture. Focusing on digital design methods and application theories he tries to construct the meaningful dialogue and dialectical possibility between Taiwan and the world through architectural discourse, curation and creation.


    ``🌟 邱浩修``Hao-Hsiu Chiu````Department of Architecture, Associate Professor``Creativity with Generative AI in the Design and Architecture Industry``Tunghai Uiversity``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:30-15:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Establish of Trustworth...

    Howard Jyan
    Deloitte & Touche
    Howard Jyan is the Partner of Risk Advisory Services at Deloitte. He specialized in Cyber security, network security, ISMS audits, regulation of cyber security, information security governance, workflow transformation, and organizational transformation. He also has extensive experience in public sector information practices and cross-agency coordination. ``🌟 簡宏偉``Howard Jyan````Partner, Risk Advisory``Establish of Trustworthy AI: Opportunities and Challengs``Deloitte & Touche``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 13:30-14:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • From 2D to 3D / From Im...

    Hsin-Ying Lee
    Snap Inc.
    Hsin-Ying Lee is a senior research scientist in the Creative Vision team at Snap Research. He has been working on generative models since 2017. His recent research interests lie in 3D and 4D generation. ``🌟 李昕穎``Hsin-Ying Lee````Senior Research Scientist, Creative Vision Team, Snap Research``From 2D to 3D / From Image to Video``Snap Inc.``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:00-14:30 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Towards a Speech Versio...

    Hung-yi Lee
    National Taiwan University (NTU)
    Hung-yi Lee (李宏毅) is a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University (NTU), with a joint appointment at the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering of the university. His recent research focuses on developing technology that can reduce the requirement of annotated data for speech processing and natural language processing. He won Salesforce Research Deep Learning Grant in 2019, AWS ML Research Award in 2020, Outstanding Young Engineer Award from The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering in 2018, Young Scholar Innovation Award from Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship in 2019, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan in 2019, and The 59th Ten Outstanding Young Person Award in Science and Technology Research & Development of Taiwan. He owns a YouTube channel teaching deep learning in Mandarin with about 160k Subscribers.``🌟 李宏毅``Hung-yi Lee````Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering``Towards a Speech Version of ChatGPT``National Taiwan University (NTU)``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:30-12:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Harnessing GAI: Revolut...

    Hung-Yue Suen
    National Taiwan Normal University
    With prior experience as an HR Director in financial holding companies, Dr. Suen enriches his academic pursuits with practical insights. His role involved overseeing HR functions internationally and domestically. Dr. Suen's research focuses on Affective Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resources. His work has been featured in esteemed international journals.``🌟 孫弘岳``Hung-Yue Suen````echnology Application And Human Resource Development / Distinguished Associate Professor``Harnessing GAI: Revolutionizing HR Practices``National Taiwan Normal University``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:00-14:30 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • 共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑

    Isabel Hou
    Taiwan AI Academy Foundation

    Isabel Hou is a seasoned attorney focusing on technological innovation and intellectual property law and has served as a legal counsel for various government programs, prestigious companies, and NGOs in Taiwan since 2000. Isabel serves as a committee member of Taiwan’s Open Parliament Multi-stakeholder Forum from 2019-2022.

    律師,專注於創新科技、開放資料、開放政府等數位治理議題及相關法律規範。2012 年以來持續參與 g0v 公民科技社群,從中習得「揪團打怪」技能:多方協作推動社會創新。

    2017 年協助設立台灣人工智慧學校基金會,2021 年起擔任秘書長,推動課程轉型及開源 AI 平台「風火輪計畫」。

    2020-2022 年擔任立法院開放國會委員會民間委員,推動完成台灣立法院首份「開放國會行動方案」。近來與台灣公民社群夥伴協作推動「數位公民素養」行動計畫作為台灣新世代社會基礎建設。

    ``🌟 侯宜秀``Isabel Hou````Secretary General``共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑``Taiwan AI Academy Foundation``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 15:50-17:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Redefining Customer Ser...

    James Chang
    AI3 Co.

    ●Chairman, Ai3 Co.
    ●Chairman, Gemfor Tech Co., Ltd.
    ●Co-founder, Chainsea Information Integration Co., Ltd.

    Over 30 years of software development experience, 30 years of CTI/CRM technical integration application development practice. Key achievements include CRM, Contact Center development, call center system integrated development, Chatbot development, big data analysis, etc. Specialized in integrating IT with CRM service processes and structures to offer comprehensive intelligent service processes and information structures. In recent years, has focused on big data and AI technologies, applying them to CRM and customer service domains, developing natural language processing (NLP) technology, creating Chatbot, sentiment analysis systems, conversational commerce, legal compliance systems, etc.

    CRM, Big Data, Chatbot Design and Application, NLP, Sentiment Analysis System, Intelligent Customer Service Planning and Design, Customer Service Center Operation Management, Conversational Commerce, Software Engineering, Project Management, Corporate Management.

    30 幾年軟體開發經驗、30 年 CTI/CRM 技術整合應用發展實務經驗,主要成就有 CRM、Contact Center 產品開發、電話服務中心系統整合開發、AI 服務機器人開發、輿情分析系統、服務大數據分析…等。專精於 CRM 服務流程與服務架構之資訊技術整合,為企業服務提出完整智慧服務流程與資訊架構。
    近年專注於大數據與人工智慧技術,應用於 CRM 與客戶服務領域,發展自然語言處理技術 (NLP),開發 AI 服務機器人、輿情分析系統、服務數據分析、對話式商務、法遵系統…等智慧應用。2017 年至今擔任中華軟協 AI 大數據智慧應用促進會會長,推動產業 AI 智慧應用發展,促使產業 AI 化、AI 產業化。2022 年擔任中華軟協元宇宙發展促進會,持續推動新興科技與產業融合,發展新應用。

    ``🌟 張榮貴``James Chang````Chaiman``Redefining Customer Service in the Generative AI Era``AI3 Co.``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:00-11:30 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Unleashing the Cyber Ma...

    Jeremy Chiu

    Founder of CyCraft, with over 15 years of expertise in cybersecurity research, actively engaged in Taiwan's cybersecurity technology community. Specializing in developing automated analysis systems, hacker activity analysis, malicious program analysis, and machine learning algorithms. Has presented professional cybersecurity research at various internationally renowned conferences such as Black Hat, DEFCON, SyScan, HITCON, FIRST, AVTokyo, HTICA, OWASP Asia, and iThome CYBERSEC. Proficient in delivering humorous and lively speeches to impart cybersecurity knowledge.

    As a prominent serial entrepreneur in Taiwan's cybersecurity industry, co-founded the first startup dedicated to developing APT defense products in 2011 with Wu Ming-wei (Benson). In 2014, the company received recognition and acquisition from an Israeli cybersecurity company listed on the NASDAQ. Currently, the CyCraft team focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity technology.

    CyCraft 創辦人,超過 15 年的資安技術研究專家,活耀於台灣的資安技術社群,以開發自動化分析系統、駭客活動分析、惡意程式分析、機器學習演算法為主要研究範疇,多次在國際知名研討會發表專業的資安技術研究,如 Black Hat、DEFCON、SyScan、HITCON、FIRST、AVTokyo、HTICA、OWASP Asia 與 iThome CYBERSEC 等,擅長透過詼諧生動的演講傳授資安知識。而身為臺灣資安界著名的連續創業者,曾於 2011 年與吳明蔚 (Benson) 共同創立臺灣第一家專門研發 APT 防禦產品的新創公司,並在 2014 年受到美國 NASDAQ 的以色列資安公司肯定與併購。目前創辦的 CyCraft 團隊則專注在人工智慧與資安科技領域的結合上。

    ``🌟 邱銘彰``Jeremy Chiu````Founder``Unleashing the Cyber Magic: The Future of Blue Team Defense ``CyCraft``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 13:30-14:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • AMD Instinct GPU – 1.19...

    JongJye Sheen
    JongJye started his HPC career in 2002. He has delivered the first 1TFlops system in Taiwan (based on HP Itanium) to NCHC in 2003. He has been working in APAC region and look after HyperScale computing business mainly focus in North Asia area. He is now in AMD and supporting DC GPU business.``🌟 沈仲杰``JongJye Sheen````Sr. Market Development Manager``AMD Instinct GPU – 1.19 ExaFlops System and LLM``AMD``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:00-16:30 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Transforming Smart Heal...

    Kai-Cheng Hsu
    China Medical University Hospital
    Dr. Kai-Cheng Hsu is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) for Medical Diagnosis at China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and an Attending Physician at the Neurology Department of CMUH. He acquired a Medical Doctor from National Taiwan University, a Master of Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from National Chung Cheng University. He visited the National Institutes of Health (USA) for Medical Artificial Intelligence training from 2018 to 2020. His areas of research interest include artificial intelligence applications in medical images, biomedical signals, electronic health records, and bioinformatics. His goal is to combine his expertise in medicine and engineering to apply AI to develop products for advancing biomedical technology. He has led AIC to develop dozens of AI algorithms for clinical use in CMUH.``🌟 許凱程``Kai-Cheng Hsu````Artificial Intelligence Center / Director``Transforming Smart Healthcare with Generative AI``China Medical University Hospital``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 15:30-16:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • The Role of Artificial ...

    Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou
    Dr. Chang-Fu Kuo, a distinguished rheumatologist, and physician-scientist, has been committed to research in rheumatology, epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and health policy. A previous recipient of the 2019 Ministry of Science and Technology's Outstanding Research Award, Dr. Kuo has continuously pursued breakthroughs in healthcare, particularly exploring artificial intelligence applications, bolstered by clinical trials and Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) accreditation. Dr. Kuo uses an interdisciplinary approach to address complex clinical and epidemiological issues affecting vast populations. His published research, often referenced in international guidelines, covers wide-ranging aspects of rheumatic diseases. Dr. Kuo's research, consistently published in high-impact academic journals, increasingly highlights societal impacts, real-world clinical applications, and potential commercialization. His collaborations with globally recognized research groups further attest to his influence in the field. The University of Nottingham has repeatedly honored him as an 'Honorary Associate Professor' for his exceptional contributions, and Chang Gung University honored him as Extinguished Alumni.``🌟 郭昶甫``Kuo,Chang-Fu````Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine,Director``The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Decision-making``Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 13:30-14:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Future-Proofing Humanit...

    Lee Haishuo
    Wagor International School

    李海碩長期專注在國際教育、語言教育、與科技教育與創新領域。目前擔任葳格國際學校的總校長與 1111 生成式 AI 創新學院的執行長,致力推廣 AIGC 相關應用。他擁有全民英檢和 TOEIC 的全數滿分,並且是台灣僅有的五位多益官方講師之一。海碩畢業於國立交通大學教育研究所數位學習組,並正就讀於密涅瓦大學的決策分析碩士 (MDA)。在國際演講會曾獲九個台灣全國冠軍和一個亞洲區即席演講冠軍的榮銜,並是台灣首開風氣之先的 ChatGPT 免費線上課程教師,可彰顯其推動創新和人工智慧教育的決心。

    With a sustained focus on international, language, and technological education and innovation, Haishuo Lee serves as the Superintendent of Wagor International School and the CEO of 1111 AIGC Innovation Academy. He is devoted to promoting the application of AIGC. A holder of full scores in GEPT and TOEIC, he is also one of the only five TOEIC Propell Trainers in Taiwan. He graduated from the Digital Learning Division, Institute of Education, National Chiao Tung University and is currently pursuing a Master of Decision Analysis at Minerva University. As a member in Toastmasters International, he has clinched nine national championships in Taiwan and one impromptu speech championship in Asia. He pioneered the first-ever free online ChatGPT course in Taiwan, underscoring his commitment to driving innovation and AI education.

    ``🌟 李海碩``Lee Haishuo````Superintendent``Future-Proofing Humanity: Strategies for Thriving in an AI-Dominated Epoch``Wagor International School``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:00-11:30 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • 生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新

    Lee-Feng Chien
    Appier and iKala

    Dr. Lee-Feng Chien has spent a career immersed in innovative industries where he has worked to advance technology and scientific and technological talent. In 2006, he became Google’s first employee in Taiwan when he joined as Managing Director.

    Since retiring from Google in 2020, he has actively supported the development of Taiwanese startups, including serving as Board Director of AI pioneers such as Appier, which went public in 2021, and iKala, and a mentor to numerous individual entrepreneurs and publishes articles that encourage internationalization and innovative thinking for software startups.

    Dr. Chien is a leading expert in Chinese information retrieval and natural language processing technology. He is a former Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, and a co-appointed Professor of the Department of Information Management at National Taiwan University, where he earned a PhD in Computer Science in 1991.

    ``🌟 簡立峰``Lee-Feng Chien````Board Director ``生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新``Appier and iKala``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 11:20-12:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Being a Better Learner ...

    Jhong Shan Elementary School of Yilan County
    林穎俊擔任宜蘭縣中山國小的教師與資訊組長,對於學習與教學充滿熱情。他熱愛與孩子們互動,認為擔任老師是全世界最具意義且充實的職業。他堅信數位學習能夠有效地培養孩子們的協作、溝通、創意以及批判性思考能力,同時為孩子們提供成功自學的契機。``🌟 林穎俊``LIN YING-CHUN````Section Chief of Information Technology``Being a Better Learner with ChatGPT``Jhong Shan Elementary School of Yilan County``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 10:30-11:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • 共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑

    Lin, Ming Jen
    National Taiwan University (NTU)

    Professor Ming-Jen Lin earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2002. His research interests span various fields, including data science and economics, demography and health, law and economics, and labor economics. He places particular emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration within the social sciences. Currently, he serves as a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University and holds the position of Chairman of the Taiwan Economic Association. Additionally, he concurrently serves as the Deputy Executive Secretary at the National Science and Technology Office.

    Furthermore, he has previously held the role of Director at the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences within the National Science and Technology Development Bureau (formerly the Ministry of Science and Technology), where he was responsible for promoting research and development in the fields of humanities and social sciences. He has also served as the Chair of the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University. During his tenure as Director of the Center for Behavioral and Data Science and the Center for Population and Gender Studies at National Taiwan University, he actively promoted the development of interdisciplinary research.

    ``🌟 林明仁``Lin, Ming Jen````Distinguished Professor, Department of Economics``共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑``National Taiwan University (NTU)``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 15:50-17:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Neural-network Processi...

    Luba Tang
    Luba Tang is the founder and CEO of Skymizer Taiwan Inc., which is in the business of providing system software to IC design teams. Skymizer’s system software solutions enable AI-on-Chip design houses to automate AI application development, improve system performance, and optimize inference accuracy. Luba Tang’s research interests include electronic system level (ESL) design, system software, and neural networks. He had focused on iterative compilers, ahead-of-time compilers, link-time optimization, neural network compilation, and neural network optimization. His most recent work focuses on exploiting various types of parallelism from different accelerators in a hyper-scale system-on-chip. ``🌟 唐文力``Luba Tang````CEO``Neural-network Processing Unit Hardware-software Co-design IP ``Skymizer``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:30-12:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Opportunities and Metho...

    Peter Hu
    FarEasTone Telecom

    In August 2021, Mr. Peter joined Far EasTone Telecommunications as the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the Information and Digital Transformation Technology Group. Peter's role encompasses driving the transformation of information services, spearheading the development of next-generation digital user experiences for 5G, and leading the creation of enterprise solutions and consultancy services in the realms of "Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things" under the Far EasTone brand. Additionally, Peter has taken the lead in establishing the Far EasTone Innovation Accelerator.

    2021 年 8 月加入遠傳電信,擔任資訊暨數位轉型科技群執行副總經理及資訊長

    負責推動資訊服務轉型、5G 的新一代數位用戶體驗發展以及遠傳「大人物(大數據、人工智慧、物聯網)」的企業解決方案與顧問服務,並主導成立遠傳新創加速器。

    ``🌟 胡德民``Peter Hu````Information & Digital Transformation Technology Executive Vice President``Opportunities and Methods for Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation through Generative AI ``FarEasTone Telecom``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:30-17:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • Democratizing LLM to E...

    Peter Wu

    Current Job: CEO of ASUS Cloud and TWSC Education
    • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University
    • Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

    Peter Wu is a highly accomplished executive with a diverse range of experiences and achievements in the technology industry. He currently holds two prominent positions, serving as the CEO of ASUS Cloud of Taiwan Web Service Corporation. In addition to his current roles, Peter Wu is actively involved in various organizations and committees. He serves as a committee member of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Peter Wu is also holds the position of Director at Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C., Supervisor at the Cloud Computing & IoT Association in Taiwan and serves as the Deputy Director of the Policy and Legal Committee and President of Taipei Computer Association AI Alliance. Through these roles, he helps drive policy discussions and promote the growth of cloud computing in Taiwan.

    Recognized for his expertise and insights, Peter Wu was appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Bio Taiwan Committee by the Executive Yuan in 2017 and 2019. In this capacity, he provided valuable guidance and advice on the strategic direction of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.

    With a wealth of experience and a passion for technology and innovation, Peter Wu is a highly respected leader in the industry. His contributions to the advancement of cloud computing, smart healthcare, and the software industry have been instrumental in driving growth and shaping the future of Taiwan's technology landscape.

    ``🌟 吳漢章``Peter Wu````CEO`` Democratizing LLM to Empower Generative AI Innovations``TWSC``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:30-15:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • 人才破繭生成未來:AIA人才能力認證計畫

    Richie Tsai
    Taiwan AI Academy

    Richie Tsai is the provost of Taiwan AI Academy and takes overall responsibility for the academy's AI talent traini 資深協理 ng, strategy on developing consulting services, startup coaching, technology promotion, community management, industry-university bridging, and career development. Prior to joining Taiwan AI Academy, Richie was Senior Director at SAP Greater China, ever worked for Oracle and Teradata where he helped leading enterprises to navigate their digital transformation. He graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in 1996 and received his MBA degree from San Diego State Univeristy in 2003. He is pursuitng PhD degree in National Tsing Huwa University.

    學歷:清華大學跨院國際博士班 - 智慧製造與數位決策

    現職:台灣人工智慧學校 校務長 / 國科會 TAIWAN AICoE 策略委員會委員 / 台灣氣候聯盟 - 綠色與數位科技委員會召集人

    專長:AI, Big Data, 數位轉型, SaaS

    經歷:20 多年經驗在資訊工程、產品管理、營運、市場 行銷、生態系統培育

    • SAP 德商思愛普 大中華區資深副總經理
    • Oracle 美商甲骨文 應用軟體部副總經理
    • Teradata 美商天睿資訊系統 資深協理
    ``🌟 蔡明順``Richie Tsai````Provost``人才破繭生成未來:AIA人才能力認證計畫``Taiwan AI Academy``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 09:00-09:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Unlocking Innovation wi...

    Richy Li
    National Chengchi University
    Richy Li is currently a faculty member at the Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University, where he teaches Information Visualization, Internet Product Development, and New Feature Reporting. His research focuses on the impact of technology on news organizations and innovation within the newsroom. Starting in 2023, he has incorporated Generative AI into several courses. He has previously served as the Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo Taiwan, and his work has been honored with a Digital Golden Tripod Award, as well as a nomination for the Online Journalism Awards in the USA.``🌟 李怡志``Richy Li````Assistant Prof., Dept. of Journalism``Unlocking Innovation with LLM: Integrating Prompt Engineering in Product Development``National Chengchi University``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:30-15:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • A Sustainable and Smart...

    Shin-Min Chao
    AUO Digitech
    Dr.Chao graduated from the IE&M of Yuan Ze University. He is currently the EVP of AUO Digitech. Before joining AUO Digitech, he was the CEO of Smile Technology. Dr. Chao’s professional fields are machine vision, pattern recognition, and process improvement.``🌟 趙新民``Shin-Min Chao````Executive Vice President ``A Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing for Productivity Improvement``AUO Digitech``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:30-17:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Government Data Managem...

    Shun-Ling Chen
    Academia Sinica
    Shun-Ling Chen is a associate research professor at Institutum Iurisprudentiae Academia Sinica (IIAS). She also co-directs the Information Law Center at IIAS. Her fields of research include: copyright, privacy, internet governance, online collaboration, community governance, citizen science and data governance.``🌟 陳舜伶``Shun-Ling Chen````Institutum Iurisprudentiae``Government Data Management - Lessons from the US Evidence Act and Beyond``Academia Sinica``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 14:00-14:30 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • The Future of AI is on-...

    ST Liew
    Qualcomm Technologies

    ST Liew is a Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and the President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand. ST was born in Malaysia and was educated in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. His permanent home is Singapore.

    In this role, ST is responsible for leading all business and operational functions for Qualcomm in the region. Prior to this role, ST served as the Vice President and President of Qualcomm Taiwan.

    ST has more than 30 years of experience leading businesses and R&D in the telecommunication industry. Most recently ST was the President of Acer’s new Business Group SPBG that focused on R&D and Sales of non PC lines of product for the global market while living in Switzerland and later in Taiwan.

    Before joining Acer, ST was in Motorola for over 18 years leading Regional R&D Teams and later in Product planning, business Teams across the world in products ranging from Mobile radios, Pagers, Data terminals to Cellular phones. ST has lived in China, Korea, USA and India during his tenure.

    Liew received his MBA from the National University of Singapore, and holds a BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK.

    ``🌟 劉思泰``ST Liew````President, Taiwan & SEA Australia, New Zealand Vice President``The Future of AI is on-device``Qualcomm Technologies``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Welcome to SysMoore Era...

    Steven Yin
    Steven Yin is currently the senior sales director at Synopsys Taiwan, leading a team focused on managing relationships with major foundries and IC design companies. He joined Synopsys Taiwan in 2003, following successful roles as sales leader in Agilent Technologies and Taiwan local start-up IC design company. Steven is with extensive experience of semiconductor industry, including manufacturing processes, IC design methodology, and application market trend.``🌟 尹維作``Steven Yin````Sr. Sales Director``Welcome to SysMoore Era - What can AI/ML EDA Tools to Unleash the Moore Law?``Synopsys``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 10:30-11:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • 共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑

    TANG Feng (Audrey TANG)
    Ministry of Digital Affairs
    Audrey Tang is Taiwan’s digital minister in charge of moda (Ministry of Digital Affairs). Audrey is known for revitalizing the computer languages Perl and Haskell, as well as building the online spreadsheet system EtherCalc in collaboration with Dan Bricklin. In the public sector, Audrey served on Taiwan national development council’s open data committee and the 12-year basic education curriculum committee; and led the country’s first e-Rulemaking project. In the private sector, Audrey worked as a consultant with Apple on computational linguistics, with Oxford University Press on crowd lexicography, and with Socialtext on social interaction design. In the social sector, Audrey actively contributes to g0v ("gov zero"), a vibrant community focusing on creating tools for the civil society, with the call to "fork the government."``🌟 唐鳳``TANG Feng (Audrey TANG)````Minister``共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑``Ministry of Digital Affairs``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 15:50-17:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • 生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新

    Ted Chang
    Quanta Computer

    Dr. Ted Chang is a highly accomplished Chief Technology Officer, Vice President and General Manager of Quanta Computer, which is the world’s largest computer ODM and laptop computer maker. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading global corporations and has been instrumental in driving corporate technology strategy and global research partnership. In addition, Dr. Chang is responsible for overseeing the Quanta Research Institute (QRI) for advanced research and BU12, a business unit dedicated to integration of AI, IoT and cloud computing as a platform solution for smart transformation of Heathcare, Medicine and Agriculture.

    Dr. Chang has been appointed as representatives of Taiwan for APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) since 2019. Academically, Dr. Chang holds various guest professorships in the EECS colleges of National Taiwan University (NTU), National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU), Asia University (AU) and the AI college of National Yang-Ming Chao-Tung University (NYCU). He serves as a member of the board for several educational and research foundations, including the Epoch Foundation, Spring Foundation, Quanta Culture and Education Foundation (QCEF), Chinese Medical Advancement Foundation, and Ming Dao Culture and Education Foundation.

    Among many honors, Dr. Chang recently received the Japan Good Design Best 100 award in 2022, five REDDOT Design Awards on Smart Medicine (2021 and 2022), and IF Design Award on Smart Agriculture in 2021. He was also awarded distinguished alumni awards from both NCKU and Chia-Yi High School in 2021. He led the Quanta-NCTU Joint AI Center to win the CES Innovation Award and WITSA in 2020 Award. He was the chief advisor to the Taiwan Pavilion “Swingphony” at London Design Biennale 2020.

    Dr. Chang is a prolific inventor with over 220 patents granted globally by Oct. 2022. His invention in 2001, ""A Network Object Delivery System for Personal Computing Device,"" defined the ""Application Module Store."" Dr. Chang joined Quanta in 2000, promoted as VP in 2009 and promoted as the first CTO in Quanta history in 2010. Since 2004, Dr. Chang has led the strategic research collaboration on future computing with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Lab (CSAIL) to support the transformation of Quanta. The partnership started with TParty project on Human Centric Computing, Qmulus Project on Cloud Computing and now on AIM project with focus on AI medicine and computational health. Dr. Chang's past projects, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and the QRI research model, were published as business cases by Harvard Business School.

    ``🌟 張嘉淵``Ted Chang````CTO``生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新``Quanta Computer``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 09:30-10:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Challenges and Opportun...

    Thomas Cheng
    Victor Taichung
    鄭生懋,清華物理與智慧製造學程雙碩士,曾任職於台積電擔任製程工程師,移居台中後轉戰工具機產業,目前任職於台中精機擔任總經理室經理。參與精機公司新廠產線佈建、資訊系統整合、工具機產品整合技術開發等重大專案。在底蘊深厚的工具機產業中,看到台灣機械產業的美麗與憂愁,在大環境競爭加劇的現在與未來,始終相信以技術與管理為雙軸核心,在台灣製造業的跨業合作與 AI 賦能的加速下,台灣機械產業定能轉型成功更上層樓。``🌟 鄭生懋``Thomas Cheng````General Management Division / Manager``Challenges and Opportunities of Machine Tool Industry in Taiwan ``Victor Taichung ``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 15:30-16:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • On Wings of AI with Cop...

    Trista Chen
    Trista is an AI scientist and tech executive. As the Director of the AI Research Center at Microsoft, her research focuses on computer vision, multimodal large language models, and health AI. Trista has published over 30 top-tier journals and conference publications and holds/filed 110 patents. Her research is internationally recognized, including winning the world championship in the USAID Intelligent Forecasting Competition for advancing the health of people in the Ivory Coast and receiving the CVPR workshop best paper award. Prior to joining Microsoft, Trista held leadership positions at Inventec, Intel, and Nvidia and successfully led two startups from incubation to acquisition. As the Chief AI Officer at Inventec, she led the team to obtain one of Taiwan’s first ISO-13485-based QMS for a novel AI Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) based on her original medical research. She also helped Inventec develop the industry’s first computer vision inspection system and innovate its supply chain with USAID world championship technology. At Intel, Trista facilitated the development of OpenCV - the world’s most widely adopted computer vision software with over 18 million downloads as of 2021. At Nvidia, she architected Nvidia's first video processor. Trista holds a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S. and B.S. from National Tsing-Hua University.``🌟 陳佩君``Trista Chen````Director, AI Research Center``On Wings of AI with Copilot``Microsoft``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 10:30-11:00 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Green AI Infrastructure...

    Vince Chen
    Super Micro Computer, Inc.
    Vince Chen is a Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture in Supermicro’s System Product Group, focused on executing company’s solution business strategy. Since the time of joining Supermicro in 2017, He has been leading a team of Solutions Architects and successfully architected, implemented and delivered optimized solutions to large scale data center and enterprise customers. He has over 25 years of experience in IT industry, with the specialties in server and datacenter technologies and solutions. He started early career as a hard-core engineering developing generations of enterprise server systems, followed by driving ecosystem collaboration to deliver datacenter technology innovations, to current role of delivering turn-key solutions to customers and helping them achieve their business goals with latest and greatest technologies.``🌟 陳贈文``Vince Chen````Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture``Green AI Infrastructure for Business Transformation``Super Micro Computer, Inc.``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:30-15:00 at R1 - 1st Conference Room
  • Liberate Data Performan...

    Wayne Wu

    Mr. Wu(Wayne Wu), currently serving as a solutions engineering at NetApp Taiwan, has extensive experience in the IT field. He has worked as a technical engineer, senior project manager, and sales technical consultant in well-known companies in the healthcare and telecommunications industries. He holds professional certifications in VMware, NetApp, AWS, ISO, and more.

    Mr. Wu specializes in information system architecture integration, hybrid cloud environment deployment, information security, and data center design planning. He has successfully executed and assisted in implementing numerous practical projects, serving clients in various sectors, including government agencies, education, telecommunications, and healthcare. With a wealth of experience in optimizing information system performance and risk management in setup and operations, he is a consultant well-versed in both expertise and industry operations knowledge.

    ``🌟 吳偉壽``Wayne Wu````Solution Engineer``Liberate Data Performance, Embrace a Highly Flexible and Intelligent Cloud.``NetApp``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Fine-tuning LLMs for Yo...

    Wenping Shen
    Over 25 years of experience in enterprise IT and held senior positions in a variety of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing (TSMC), finance and insurance (MetLife), and electrification and automation (ABB). ``🌟 沈文冰``Wenping Shen````AI Application & Integration Division, Deputy Director ``Fine-tuning LLMs for Your Enterprise Applications``TSMC``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:00-16:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • Cloud Empowerment and R...

    Wu, Cheng-Ho
    cacaFly VP, Technolog、台科大兼任教師。曾開發數百萬下載、Google、Apple 排行榜熱門 APP 及數百大億數據流量網路服務。TEDx、AWS SUMMIT 講者、台灣人工智慧年會講者。``🌟 吳振和``Wu, Cheng-Ho````VP of Technology``Cloud Empowerment and Rapid Deployment of Generative AI``cacaFly``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 13:30-14:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • Investment Trends in Ge...


    Yan Lee is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hive Ventures - a Taiwan-focused global seed to early stage venture capital firm, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. He brings his strong past experience as an entrepreneur in the fields of Big Data and AI to offer strategic support to Hive Ventures’ portfolio companies. Yan is a passionate venture builder and aims to support top talents in Taiwan to foster its next wave of unicorn technopreneurs.

    Yan was the Founder and CEO of Buzzinate, a leading Big Data platform and service provider in China that merged with iClick in 2014. He played a central role in Buzzinate’s success, which led him to be included in Forbes’ “30 under 30 Entrepreneurs of China'' in 2012 as well as Campaign Asia’s “40 under 40” in 2018. Yan went on to become the Chief Product Officer and Head of International Business of iClick Interactive (Nasdaq: ICLK), where he spearheaded product innovations and drove business growth globally.

    Yan holds an MBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai. He is also an alumnus of the London Business School (LBS) and National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan.

    ``🌟 李彥樞``YAN LEE````Founder and Managing Partner``Investment Trends in Generative AI``HIVE VENTURES``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 10:30-11:00 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Academia Sinica Service...

    Yennun Huang
    Academia Sinica
    Dr Huang is the Director for Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI), Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He is also a Board Member, of TRADE-VAN, a Joint Professor of IoT Research Center, Natiaon Taiwan university, a Joint Professor of College of AI, National Yan Ming Chiao Tung University and a Supervisor of Taiwan AI Academy. Dr. Huang received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland. He Joined AT&T Bell Labs in 1989. His work on Software Implemented Fault Tolerance (SwiFT) tools was applied to tens of telecommunication systems in AT&T and was named one of the ten major technology breakthroughs in Bell Laboratories in 1992. He became a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff of Bell Labs in 1996. He started the Dependable Computing Research Department in AT&T in 1999 and was the department head to ensure the high dependability of all AT&T services. In 2004, Dr. Huang became the Executive Director of Dependable Distributed Computing and Communication Research Department to lead AT&T dependability research programs. In 2007, Dr. Huang became the Executive Vice President of Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan. Dr. Huang has more than 20 US patents and 150 papers published in well-known journals and conferences. His Software rejuvenation paper was awarded Jean-Claude Laprie Award in 2019. Dr. Huang was also the Deputy Executive Secretary of Science and Technology Advisory Group of Executive Yuan, helping Taiwan Government on the Information and Communication Technology development policy and funding allocation between 2010 and 2015. Dr. Huang is an IEEE Fellow.``🌟 黃彥男``Yennun Huang````Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Director``Academia Sinica Service LLM Wisdom: Knowing What it Actually Don't Know``Academia Sinica``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 14:00-14:30 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • The Practice Principles...

    Yuchung Chen
    eCloudvalley Digital Technology

    Yu Chung is responsible for technical pre-sales and service delivery for eCloudvalley Taiwan. Leveraging eCloudvalley's leading expertise and practical experience in Asia, he assists businesses in planning their cloud strategies and provides end-to-end lifecycle services from migration to continuous optimization.

    Yu Chung has been involved in various teams at eCloudvalley, including MSP services, platform development, and core processes. He has participated in eCloudvalley's rapid growth journey from Taiwan to 10+ global regions and has experience serving hundreds of enterprise clients.

    ``🌟 陳昱中``Yuchung Chen````TW Dept. Technical Director``The Practice Principles of Smart Manufacturing``eCloudvalley Digital Technology``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 16:00-16:30 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • 生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新

    Yuh-Jye Lee
    Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica

    Prof. Yuh-Jye Lee is a computer scientist who holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison (2001). He has held positions at esteemed universities, including National Chun Cheng University, Taiwan Tech, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.East

    Prof. Lee also had the opportunity to serve the government from November 2020 to January 2023 as the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science and Technology Council. This office is responsible for Taiwan's science and technology policies, budget allocation, and the review of national-level science and technology projects. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Taiwan Information Security Center at the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica.

    Prof. Lee's research primarily focuses on AI, data science, machine learning, federated learning, and information security, with a specific interest in developing lightweight anomaly detection techniques for IoT applications. Over the past decade, he has developed numerous efficient machine learning algorithms such as SSVM and RSVM that have been successfully applied in various fields, including breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis, network intrusion detection, and fake news prevention. In essence, his research is centered on AI in security and security in AI. He is also in charge of the TAIDE project, which stands for Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine.

    ``🌟 李育杰``Yuh-Jye Lee````CEO, TWISC``生成式 AI 開啟的技術與產業革新``Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica``⏱️ 09/15 (Fri.) 11:20-12:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall
  • The Future is Here - Un...

    Yung-Chun Chang
    Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University

    Dr. Yung-Chun Chang is a renowned expert in the fields of text mining, natural language processing (NLP), and the associated technologies of machine learning and linguistic recognition. He excels in harnessing these technologies to address challenges across diverse domains, with a primary focus on intelligent healthcare, bioinformatics, business intelligence, and language comprehension. In 2016, Dr. Chang received accolades for his exceptional contributions to research, notably the Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Award from Academia Sinica and the Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Computational Linguistics Society. In 2017, he joined the faculty of Taipei Medical University, where he has since published numerous papers in top-tier international journals and conferences, such as ACL and TKDE.

    Passionate about pedagogy, Professor Chang has repeatedly been recognized for his teaching excellence, earning both campus-wide Outstanding Teacher and Distinguished New Faculty awards. Furthermore, he is deeply committed to student mentorship and guidance. His students have achieved commendable results in various international competitions. Noteworthy accolades include a first-place finish in the 2023 NTCIR International Information Retrieval Competition, a second-place finish in the 2022 BioCreative International Biomedical Literature Automated Mining Competition, and a gold award at the Taiwan AI EXPO.

    張詠淳博士專精於文字探勘與自然語言處理以及相關的機器學習與語言辨識技術,擅長將這些技術應用於解決不同領域的問題,主要研究領域為智慧醫療、生物資訊、商業智慧以及語言理解。張教授在 2016 年曾榮獲中研院博士後傑出研究獎以及計算語言學會博士論文獎。於 2017 年至臺北醫學大學從事教職,近年發表多篇國際頂尖期刊與會議論文。張教授熱愛教學,不僅屢獲校級優良教師、新進優良教師等教學獎項,更致力於學生的培育和指導。在多項國際競賽中獲得優異成績,包括 2023 年 NTCIR 國際資料檢索競賽第一名、2022 年 BioCreative 國際生醫文獻自動探勘競賽第二名,以及 Taiwan AI EXPO 大賽金獎等。

    ``🌟 張詠淳``Yung-Chun Chang````Associate Professor``The Future is Here - Unlocking the Potential of Clinical Data with NLP``Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 14:00-14:30 at R2 - 2nd Conference Room
  • Impact of Generative Ar...

    Yung-Hsien Wu
    National Tsing Hua University

    Dr. Wu received the BS degree in electrical engineering from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in 1996, and the PhD degree in electronics engineering from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in 2000, both in Taiwan. During 2000-2005, he was with ProMOS Technologies (茂德科技, DRAM manufacturers) where he was engaged in advanced process development and earned the individual IP award in 2002 and 2003 for the contribution in patent proposal.

    In 2005, he joined NTHU as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to Associate Professor and Professor in 2009 and 2012 respectively. He received many awards including the “Young Faculty Research Award (新進人員研究獎)”, “Excellent Teaching Award (傑出教學獎)” and “Outstanding Mentor Award (傑出導師獎)” granted by NTHU. In 2015, he was conferred with the title of “NTHU Distinguished Professor (清華特聘教授)” for his outstanding contribution in teaching and mentoring young talents. He was awarded "Outstanding Young Scholar Research Grant" twice by National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in 2012 and 2019 (2 次國科會優秀年輕學者計畫). He was also bestowed “Lifetime Achievement Award (國際傑出發明家發明終身成就獎)” by Taiwan International Invention Award Winners Association in 2016. He was the recipient of “Excellent Electrical Engineer Professor Award (中國電機工程學會傑出電機工程教授獎)” in 2021 by Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering. In addition, he was bestowed “Excellent Project Award (優良計畫獎)” by Atomic Energy Council (原子能委員會) in 2022 and 2023. Currently, he is an IET Fellow (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 國際工程技術學會會士) and IEEE Senior member (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

    He is committed to exploring the boundaries of next-generation ferroelectric memory devices and VLSI technologies by developing novel materials and innovative structures. He has published 65 SCI papers, several prestigious conference papers including IEDM and Symp. VLI Technology in the past 10 years (the 2nd highest-ranked team in Taiwan in terms of publishing papers in renowned IEEE Electron Device Letters). He also holds 42 patents (Taiwan, US, German, Korea, China) and has authored 1 book chapter. Furthermore, the students he mentored have won many national-wide research-based awards including “Technology Scholarship (中技社科技獎學金) ” from China Technical Consultants Inc. (CTCI) Foundation in consecutive 5 years (2018-2022), “Semiconductor Award (台灣半導體產業協會半導體獎)” from Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) in 2019/2020/2023, “College Student Research Creativity Award (國科會大專學生研究創作獎)” from NSTC in 2019, “TSMC PhD student fellowship (台積電獎學金)” and “Scholarship for Outstanding PhD Students (國科會優秀博士生獎學金)” from NSTC (one of highest student scholarships provided by the government and industry in Taiwan), both in 2020.

    In addition, he has held some administrative positions at Office of Academic Affairs in NTHU including Division Chief of Center for Teaching and Learning Development, Director of Chinese Language Center, Director of Center for Continuing Education during 2010-2016. From 2015- 2021, he served as the Chairman of Interdisciplinary Program (undergraduate department) of College of Nuclear Science, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Chairman of Department of Engineering and System Science. From 2020-2022, he also served as the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Since 2022, he has been the Vice President for Academic Affairs of NTHU.

    ``🌟 巫勇賢``Yung-Hsien Wu````Office of Academic Affairs/Vice President for Academic Affairs``Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on Higher Education``National Tsing Hua University``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 11:30-12:00 at R3 - 1st Conference Room ( Academia Sinica Academic Activities Center )
  • 共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑

    Zsehong Tsai
    National Taiwan University (NTU)

    Chair, Taiwan AI Center of Excellence(AICoE), NSTC
    Chair, Science & Technology Policy Advisory Office, NSTC Professor, National Taiwan University(NTU)

    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, UCLA
    M.S. in Electrical Engineering, UCLA
    B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NTU

    Executive Secretary, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan Independent Director, Chunghwa Telecomm
    Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories

    Science and Technology Policy, AI, Broadband & Wireless Networking

    ``🌟 蔡志宏``Zsehong Tsai````Professor``共創以人為本的 AI 治理框架與路徑``National Taiwan University (NTU)``⏱️ 09/16 (Sat.) 15:50-17:20 at R0 - International Conference Hall